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Updated 12th May 2017



KFW Approved Addendum for design of additional sewers .10th May 2017
KFW have enforced that the project should include additional sewers to complement existing project using available project funds designated for the original specified project area in Amer and Al Berka.
EU visit project side ..14th March 2017

EU representative site visit to Berka Project. Presence from Left: Robin Al Mazloom (CMWU), Mis. Sovi (EU), Maher Al Najjar (CMWU), Basim Sirdah (Norplan/CEP) and Radwan Keraiem (Deir Al Balah Municipality. Date: 14.03.2017

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Additional field staff approved for Al Berka.
25th November2016
PWA and KFW have endorsed the request for one additional engineer/surveyor for construction supervision. This has been seen as necessary to adequately supervise construction at both Amer and at Al Berka sites having the same field staff in both places. In Al Berka, the new engineer/surveyor will commence work as soon as the contractor manages to bring sewer piles to site ready for construction.

Progress meeting PWA/CMWU to discuss progress
..15th Nov. 2016

Progress meeting at PWA in the presence of CMWU, Norplan and CEP.

The construction has progressed for close to 6 months and status was discussed on delivered work thus far, remaining activities, anticipated revised schedule, need for additional field staff, and approach for prepare proposal to increase sewerage network using project savings.

Present from right; M. Abu Algombaz CMWU, Keith R. Brooke Norplan, M. Ziara CEP,Basim Sirdah NorplanP/CEP, Eyad Abu Warda CEP, Mazik M. Rehan PWA, Ahmad Kolab PWA, Utku Koz Norplan,Dr. S. Stoveland Norplan, behind camera. Mr R. El Sheikh, Deputy Head PWA briefly attended the meeting for briefing on status and progress

Progress in Amer as of 15th July 2016.

Construction is progressing nicely in Aper. work is now in progress or nearly completed in 7 streets.

see progress on enlarged map

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UPVC pipes for Amer brought to Materials lab for testing
.14th July 2016
The quality control of pipe materials in undertaken. see more
Construction work in Amer is moving forward: 15th June 2016

The construction of the sewer network is progressing fast in Amer. Work in ongoing in roads no R21, R35, R36, .

Click to see more photos on construction work in Amer.

Startup of Road Surveys in Al Berka
..June 2016
Surveys started to prepare for construction and for ordering necessary construction materials for the project sites. see more details
Site Meetings at Amer 14th June 2016

Site meeting and inspection of project progress with the contractor Handala , PWA and Norplan present.


Norplan has moved to site : June 2016

Eng Basim Sirdah is on site in Amer inspecting work where construction has started.

Construction photos showing progress will be available soon.

Kick start meeting on construction sites 24th May 2016
Kick off meeting arranged and construction has officially started at both Amer and Al Berka.

Handover of sites for construction startup 8th May 2016

PWA: Eng. Ahmed Kullab, Eng. Nazek Rehan, Eng. Tawfeek Hamad
CMWU: Eng. Moataz Abu Al Komboz, Eng. Hasan Barrak
Deir Al Balah Municipality: Eng. Redwan Abu Kraiem
NORPLAN/CEP Eng. Keith Brooke, Eng. Basim Sirdah, Eng. Mohamed Al Telbani, Eng. Ashraf Al Najjar
Contractor (Zedia Company): Eng. Alaa Zedia, Eng. Abed Al Nasser Al Buhasey, Eng. Yousef Shaheen

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Site handover at Al Berka ready for construction mobilization.
Handover of site for construction at Amer date: 8th May 2016

PWA:Eng. Ahmed Kullab, Eng. Nazek Rehan, Eng. Tawfeek Hamad
CMWU:Eng. Moataz Abu Al Komboz, Eng. Hasan
Jabalia Municipalit
y:Eng. Hamdy Motair
Beit Lahia Municipality: Dr. Jaber Al Kasseh
NORPLAN/CEP: Eng. Keith Brooke, Eng. Basim Sirdah, Eng. Mohamed Al Telbani, Eng. Ashraf Al Najjar
Contractor (Handala Company): Eng. Eng. Farid Baroud, Mr. Tahseen Dayab

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Follow up meetings and inspections
..January 2016

Svein Stoveland and Utku Koz from Norplan HQ, Norway, visited Gaza for progress discussions/meetings. Utku as water engineers providing design quality control also accompanied Stoveland. for meetings together with Project manager Keith Brooke and CEP and the client om how to finalise modifications to sewer network lines to be included in the different areas under the project.

Photo with Utku Koz, Svein Stoveland, Mohammad Ziera and Eyad Abu Warda inspecting Al Berka Pumping station.

Surveys of proposed sewer lines in project areas October 2014
text to be drafted
Meetings with PWA and CMWU 14th Jan 2015

Meeting management in PWA - Gaza and CEWU to discuss priority of which streets could be included in the project design and how the project could discuss with the municipalities of project expectations and services.

The meeting was chaired head of PWA in Gaza with his staff, CMWU, CEP and Norplan all represented.

Norplan Meeting PWA & CMWU ..21st October 2014

First project meeting with PWA and CMWU, Norplan and CEP to discuss start up and strategies for project startup. revision of designs, needed consultations with stakeholders and work schedules.


Norplan with partner CEP signed contract dated September 2014
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