Design- Amer Area.


Under construction



Satellite Maps


Amer area including Beit Lahia and Jabalia

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Proposed and existing Sewer lines

Map showing existing and proposed new sewer pipes for ht different areas.

The final lines have been discussed and prioritized together with the client and the local municipalities.


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Housing area near Amer Pumping Station - many high rise Jan 2015

Draft Technical drawing - Amer
  Technical Drawings showing roads with road numbers/ names and proposed sewers. Click on map left above for enlargement. Above map has been shown so as to better understand where the roads are which have shown below in photos of accessibility for new sewers.

Photos from some of the many roads in the Amer Area October 2014

Meeting Beit Latia
date: 27th September 2014

Early discussions with Beit Latia Municipality.

Present Project manager Keith R. Brooke, Norplan, and Dir Prof. M. Ziara and Eng Eyad Wardu, CEP.

Site visit to the project area and to the pumping station ( see photos of pumping station)

Project news flash

Meeting Beit Latia
date: 13-10-2014

Technical meeting to discuss possible priorities for new sewer lines knowing that funding was available for up to about 13 km of new lines.


Eng Eyad Abu Warda, CEP leading the discussion.

Meeting with two municipalities North 20-21 October 2014

Meeting in the PWAs offices with CMWU present discussing possible priorities of roads to be provided with new sewer network with two municipalities in Amer.

Eng Eyad is showing map describing suggested options for discussions.

Meeting Beit Latia Municipality Oct. 2014

Meeting with Beit Latia in CEP office in Gaza. The detailed options for location of the sewer lines is the issue of discussion.


Existing sewers being inspected December 2014

Existing sewers were inspected and surveyed to assure that locations, capacities levels were compatible with proposed new sewer lines.

Photos by CEP.


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