Contact Information for Norplan Activities in Gaza



Norplan Project Contact, Norway

Name: Dr. Svein Stoveland, Sen. Consultant, Public Health Engineering.
Tel: +47 915 71 225

Adr. Norplan, Partner Asplan Viak, 27 Vestre Strandgate, 4610 Kristiansand, Norway
Water and environment div.

International Dir. in Asplan Viak: Paal Foeyn Jespersen, +47 928 12 089

Local consultant partner/ Sub-consultant for project.
Centre for Engineering and Planning, (CEP) is the local partner consultant firm working with NORPLAN for this project. Prof. Mohammad Ziara is the contact officer.. The CEP working on this project is located in Gaza.
Norplan Norway

Adr. Nedre Skøyenvei 2, 0276 Oslo, Norway
tel: +47 21 58 50 01

Responsible legal firm.

NORPLAN has two partners/ owners using NORPLAN as trade name when implementing project outside Norway/ Scandinavia: Namely Multiconsult AS and Asplan Viak AS. One of the two firms will always take full responsibility for project implemented overseas. In the case of this project , Asplan Viak is the responsible partner ( legal entity) for this project contract.


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