Construction - Al Berka Area



Progress: Click in Map to see construction of R48 to link new and old sewer networks. Oct.16




Satellite photo of project area. Click to enlarge.

Street map , blue existing sewers, red lines new proposed sewers

Click to see overview of streets with construction in in progress or completed., (as 15th July 2016, no construction yet)
Project news flash
EU representative site visit to Berka Project. Presence from Left: Robin Al Mazloom (CMWU), Mis. Sovi (EU), Maher Al Najjar (CMWU), Basim Sirdah (Norplan/CEP) and Radwan Keraiem (Deir Al Balah Municipality. Date: 14.03.2017
Excavation works at R13 Checking the executed work by the project manager in R3
Checking for the Electrical board for Al Bassa PS Extra Pump. Presence from left: Ashraf Nijim (Norplan/CEP electrical Engineer), Basim Sirdah (Norplan/CEP resident Engineer) and Abdelnasser Bohassi (Zediah Company) Dewatering of Septic Tank at Salah Khalaf Street R10A

Closing Salah R10A (Salah Khalaf) by warning tape and traffic signs

Excavation at R8

Excavation works at R3B in the presence of the designer Engineer

Field inspection
..January 2017

Discussion the progress at Site in the presence of PWA, R1/0, Berka Basin

Excavation works at R38 in the presence of PWA and CMWU. 23.01.2017

Inspection and visit to site ..16th November
Al Berka project sign post in place. Consultants team ( Norplan and CEP) meets contractor to discuss progress plan how to finish critical sections prone to flooding before rain starts.
End of R8 near energy breaker. Manhole covers with hinge.
Manholes ready for construction to start near Alberka pumping station Contractors office

PWA on Inspection
24th October
PWA Site Visit for R47. Presence from left: Eng. Tawfik Hamad (PWA), Eng. Basim Sirdah (Norplan/CEP), Eng. Alaa Zediah (Zediah Company), Eng. Ahmed Kullab (PWA), Eng. Mohamed Al Jazzar (Zediah Company) and Eng. Ashraf Al Najjar (Norplan/CEP).

Discussion the electrical works for Al Berka Pump station. Presence from Left: Eng. Abdel Nasser Al Buhasey (Zediah Company), Eng. Mohamed Al Jazzar (Zediah Company), Eng. Hashim Taha (CMWU Electrical Eng.), Dr. Ashraf Nijm (Norplan/CEP Electrical Eng.), Mr. Mahmood Hejazi (Zediah Company), Eng. Abedulhady El Wehady (Norplan/CEP Mechanical Eng.) Eng. Basim Sirdah (Norplan/CEP), Eng. Ashraf Al Najjar (Norplan/CEP). Date 02.11.2016
 Eng. Radwan Keriam (Deir Al Balah Municipality),

Sewer construction R47 and testing quality of new tarmac.
18th October 16
Excavation works. Determining the alignment of pipelines by the engineer
Core test- quality control for reinstatement of asphalt Asphalt core test sample being investigated for quality control.

Compacting and finalizing work in R48,
10th October
Sewer network trench filled, and compacted. Asphalt works in progress.
Testing the temperature of the asphalt. Compaction work completing work and quality inspected

Project news flash
8th October 2016
Weekly meeting in the presence of PWA, CMWU, the Consultant and the Contractor

Office meeting above left, and Site meeting above right: Presence from left: Eng. Ashraf Al Najjar (Norplan/CEP site engineer), Eng. Alaa Zediah (Zediah Company), Eng. Ahmed Kullab (PWA), Eng. Radwan Abu Kraiem (Deir Al Balah Municipality), Eng. Mohamed Al Jazzar (Zediah Company), Mr. Keith Brook (Norplan, Project Manager) and Eng. Basim Sirdah (Norplan/CEP Resident engineer


Making preparation for Al Berka Pumping station to receive increased wastewater flows: (below)

Inspection of existing equipment at Alberka Pump station ( above)
Maintenance of equipment in progress.(right)
Progress on R48 . 15th October 2016

The satellite overview map show like for gravity sewer line R48 to receive sewer from new Al Berka pumping station and transporting wastewater via existing network to treatment plant.

For enlargement and details see open map

Construction Works R48
1st September 2016:
Closing the lateral streets by warning sign and tape Site cleaning
Above 1) Excavation, 2) Compaction with sand in 15 cm bottom layer, 3) Installing tracer tape and compaction of works
Above: 1) installing manhole, 2) watering and compacting trench and 3) cleaning street after finishing construction.
Engineer checking levels, Watering before compaction
Roller compaction Sand cone test for installment works as R48

Construction progress R48
.23rd August 2016
Above: Clearing site for excavations
Selecting sample for testing by the Engineer Sand cone test for compaction works
Excavation Placing shuttering Importing clean sand for backfill

Quality Control and Core test of Manholes
8th August 2015

Preparation work at Al Berka
.30th July 2016

Delivery of Concrete Manholes for Berka Project

Supplying of Concrete Manholes for Berka Project

Installing of the Electrical Transformer near Al Berka Pump Station  

Site Meeting at Berka Project office: Present from Left: Eng. Yusef Shaeen (Zedia Company), Eng. Ahmed Kullab (PWA), Eng. Basim Sirdah (Noorplan/CEP), Eng. Keith Brook (Noorplan), Eng. Alaa Zedia (Zedia Company), Eng. Ashraf Al Najjar (Noorplan/CEP), and Eng. Abedelnaser Al Bohasi (Zedia Company).

Preparation work near pumping station
..19th July 2016
Excavation Works for Electrical Pole Foundation. Al Berka Pump Station

Checking the Existing cable by the supervisor team. From Left: Eng. Ashraf Al Najjar, Norplan/CEP Site Engineer, Dr. Ashraf Nijim, Norplan/CEP Electrical Engineer.

Fixing the Elctrical Pole in its position.

Casting Concrete for Electrical Pole foundation

Quality control for the casted concrete (cubes for testing) in the presence of the site engineer (Ashraf Al Najjar). 

Technical discussions and planning
..18th July 2016
Discussion the Shop Drawing works with the Designer Engineer. Present from left: Eng. Ashraf Al Najjar, Norplan/CEP Site Engineer, Eng. Eyad Abu Warda, Norplan/CEP Designer Engineer, and Eng. Basim Sirdah, Norplan/CEP Resident Engineer. Date: 18.07.2016 In picture (right above) Eng. Mahmood Abu Tabeekh, Zedia Site engineer ( Contractor) has also joined the discussions, Date: 18.07.2016

Progresss Report Al Berka
15th July 2016

Progress/ work in progress as of 18th of July:

1.Surveying works
2. Shop drawing works.
3. Material approval for: Pipes and Manholes.
4. Preparation for electrical works.

Photos from Road Survey
..12-16th June 2016


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